The World Service Office maintains a set of guidelines concerning the position of group representative on its website. The following description is based on our experience of being group representatives in Ottawa.

Nurture the Group

Serving as the Group Representative is an opportunity for an Al-Anon member to understand better the needs of an Al-Anon group and the world-wide fellowship of Al-Anon as a whole. The group grows stronger as more of its members serve in this position. The following list of responsibilities are shared among all of the members of the groups in accordance with Tradition 7. The GR understands the following responsibilities and fulfills them as required:

Attend the District Meeting

The GR meets once a month with the other GRs in the District and with the District Rep (DR). At this meeting the GR does the following:

Report on the District Meeting

The GR holds a business meeting with his/her group once a month to report on the District meeting. At this meeting the GR does the following:

Attend the Ontario South Assembly

Once a year the GR attends the Ontario South Assembly. In preparation for this meeting, the GR must do the following:

The GR attends the Ontario South Assembly business meetings and represents his/her group in the discussions and votes.

At the first opportunity the GR reports to his/her group on the proceedings of the Assembly.